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“I now see how owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do.”
― Brené Brown
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About Wandering Heart

We go through times in our life where we know we need a little extra guidance to steer our path. We all have transitional periods, which challenge us and bring opportunities for growth, but they usually come with growing pains as well. Have you ever wished you had someone to help walk you through these transitions?

We also have times where we put our needs on the back burner to take care of the people and things that are important in our life, be it our significant other, children, aging parents, or our career, to list a few. When we do not make our own health and wellbeing a priority a ripple effect starts to happen and other areas of our life begin to take a hit. One example, sleep. Sleep is a critical piece of productivity and brain function. When we are tired our brain does not function at its maximum potential, you may experience brain fog and be more forgetful. Not to mention how our sleep, or lack thereof, contributes to weight gain and a shortened lifespan. 

No matter where you are in your health and wellness journey, I would bet you have room for improvement. We all do. Those goals you let stick in the back of your mind deserve your attention. YOU deserve your attention! As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Lifestyle Coach, I am here to guide you, help you clarify your goals, define the roadblocks that keep you from making them a reality, and encourage you along the way. Together we will track your progress, make adjustments as you need them, and celebrate your successes! 

Let me help you rediscover your heart, the things that matter most to you, build in better nutrition and lifestyle habits, and take ownership in your life, one you are excited to wake up and live each day! Wandering Heart Inspired Life Coaching is just that: one-on-one coaching to inspire you to be your best, happiest self through beauty, fitness, and health. Contact me today to get started!

What I Do


Staci is a hairstylist in north Oklahoma City. Staci's private suite is located inside of Salons by JC. She focuses on her client's needs in their everyday life, creating easy to care for color and styles to complement their lifestyle. 



Staci is a group exercise instructor, certified in three different programs: PILOXING® SSP (Master Trainer), PILOXING® Knockout (Master Trainer), and Les Mills BODYPUMP. Staci teaches at various YMCA locations in the Oklahoma City metro. Staci also hosts PILOXING® certification workshops in Oklahoma and surrounding states. She is the director of runhers OKC/Edmond, a women's running group focused on building community through running and movement.



Staci views health as more than just the food she eats. Health is a body, mind, spirit connection. Food is an essential part, as is self-love and self-care, time for reflection and deep, intentional breathing, and continually challenging oneself to cultivate personal growth. Staci looks at all areas of your life to see what is working, what has room for improvement, and how to incorporate wholehearted living into your everyday life.

Latest Blog Posts


Ditch the Scale.

Recently I have had quite a few people send me messages with one main theme: the scale is not reflecting the work they feel they are putting into their food and workouts. I can so relate to this one. So much so that I finally tucked my scale into the closet and haven’t looked back since doing so.

5 Foods That Are Surprisingly High In Fiber

When it comes to fiber, there are more ways to eat them than just chomping on some prunes. (Which also totally might not be your thing to begin with.)

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Instructor Training
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Staci Patton

Join Staci and friends at the YMCA Healthy Living Center in Oklahoma City on
Saturday, December 2nd from 8:30a - 5:30p for
PILOXING SSP Instructor Training!

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