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When looking to make improvements in one’s overall lifestyle, we need more than a balanced diet to live a happy and healthy life. Our body is made to move. Think about movement of the body the same way you think about driving a car: when a vehicle is stationary for too long it no longer starts. All the nuts and bolts get rusty, different parts of the motor get filled with gunk, the battery loses its charge. Funny to think of a battery no longer having any juice because it is sedentary and not being used, not to mention how this shortens its lifespan. Our bodies work in the same way. They are our one and only machine. Not only do we need to feed it with premium octane, i.e. whole food, plenty of water, lots of dark, leafy greens, we need to get it off the couch and moving.

We know exercise is good for us. But do you know how good?

Just a few of the benefits:
Controls weight
Lowers blood pressure and arterial stiffness
Enhances quality of sleep
Decreases inflammation
Improves flexibility
Reduces osteoporosis
and the list goes on…

The reality for people is they do not enjoy traditional forms of exercise, so in order to be successful at creating a fitness regimen you need to discover what it is you love to do that makes you sweat.

Fitness with Wandering Heart

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Wandering Heart Inspired Life Coaching owner Staci Patton has found a variety of workouts she loves. Staci is a PILOXING SSP and PILOXING Knockout Master Trainer, as well as a Certified Les Mills BODYPUMP™ Instructor. Staci teaches a variety of group exercise classes every week to stay fit and healthy and help others do the same. Staci has chosen these three programs specifically for each of their benefits.

Functional training
Improved muscular strength and endurance
Calorie and fat burning
Physiological effects
Improved balance
Lengthening of muscles
Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), also known as the “afterburn”

Staci is also the Director of runhers Oklahoma City/Edmond, a dynamic and creative women’s lifestyle organization. runhers purpose is to surround you with incredible information, support, and a host of lifestyle solutions as you create your life, your way. runhers is created to support women of all ages and abilities. Staci leads group runs (and walks) every Saturday morning around the Oklahoma City metro. runhers trains every spring and fall for a specific half-marathon and 5k, however, we have women who never run a race; they come for the community that runhers provides.

Staci is available for private PILOXING SSP and PILOXING Knockout Master Classes. If you are interested in becoming certified in PILOXING SSP or Knockout or having Staci come out to your facility, fill out the request form below.

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