January Whole30®


It's that time of the year when your diet has been all over the place, indulgences have become a regular occurrence, and your energy has plummeted because of it.


You know what that means? It's time for a reset!


Join Wandering Heart for the January Whole30®! Pick your January start date and get ready to clean up your eating to restore your energy, your sleep, and your life! 

I have created a FREE Clean Eating Journal for you to keep log of your Whole30® round. Print this journal and take notes daily as you are progressing through the 30-day program. Keep notes of your favorite meals, how you feel from day to day, and the benefits you are experiencing. As you move into the reintroduction, make sure you record how the foods you reintroduce affect you. Save the PDF to your computer or bookmark this post so you can print a fresh one for each round you do! 


Happy Reset!



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