Be the Wrench

Recently I taught a PILOXING® class for charity in partnership with Clif Fitness and Coolgreens, both in Oklahoma City. I chose a third grade team from a local elementary school to raise money for. I have a good friend who is a teacher at this school, and I have had the honor to meet her teammates and witness how they impact these children's lives. For instance, this team provides additional snacks and supplies for their students throughout the year.

One of my favorite parts of all my "jobs" and activities is how they start to bleed into one another. Hair clients come to my group fitness classes. Students in my classes become health coaching and/or hair clients. Basically I have the privilege of connecting with people in a few different modalities. It's pretty cool to have people show up to my off-the-schedule events and support whatever it is I have going on! This class was no different.

For example, I have this fabulous PILOXING® instructor located in Fletcher, OK, which is near Lawton. Sharon shows up and brings as many people as she can to anything I put together. Let me make this a little more clear. Sharon drives an hour and a half ONE WAY to attend a 45 minute class with me then drives an hour and a half home afterwards and brings reinforcements always. Seriously, who does that?! THEN, Sharon is the first to give me a very generous stack of cash she had been saving to attend a fitness convention in Dallas next year. God had told her that morning she needed to bring it with her for these kids. I'm telling you, this lady is one of the most selfless, big hearted, full of energy and joy people I know. Grateful.

For those who are not familiar with group fitness and how it works, I'll tell you one thing: numbers are KING. I work for the YMCA of Greater OKC and we write our numbers down after every class we teach so our classes can be tracked throughout the year. They use this as a way to see which programs, class days and times, and instructors are preferred by the members. It provides information on what needs to change and what needs to be left alone when it's time to evaluate. It's no different than any other business or industry though. We all need our metrics! Numbers have turned into one of the largest ways we gauge success, yeah? 

10 people attended the class on Saturday.

Pause for a moment.

I would like you to evaluate your auto-thought on that. Is that a large amount? A small amount? Fair? For real. What is your initial thought of 10 people showing to a charity event?

My goal when I pulled into the parking lot Saturday morning was 10 people. It's a GREAT start for something new! 10 people turned into $150 raised. 

Lauren sent me a photo with some of her teacher team and the snacks she was able to purchase for their students. Heart melted. Guys, a little really does go a long way, especially when it's a collective effort. 

Today, 4 days after the class, I got home and checked my mail. I had a big envelope from Lauren's class. The kids made the sweetest thank you cards. 10 people attended, $150 donated, boxes of snacks purchased, 110 third graders get snacks during school for just shy of 2 weeks..

One of the other teachers on Lauren's team sent me a hand written thank you and what Kelley said really hit home.

"...I have a prize bucket in my classroom full of toys, play dough, erasers, bookmarks, etc., as well as candy and granola bars. It is always eye opening when kids chose the granola bars most often."

Speechless. Is that not a gut wrenching feeling?! Perspective, my friends. 

So, when you have an idea, an event, a cause you want to support and do something for, just do it. I have the BIG vision of high-energy, jam packed fitness events that bring everyone together, but the reality is I don't have the time or the resources to do that right now. I do have the time and ability to pull some awesome people together and bring in support for great local people where the numbers might be small but the impact is anything but. Friends, just get out there and make this world a better place. With the incidences that have become too much of the norm in our society recently we need to see goodness and role model that for our youth. If we want to see change in the world we have to be the change. And when we think our efforts are going unnoticed or they aren't making enough of a difference we need to keep on being the change. Otherwise we will never create it. If you want a different result you have to throw a wrench into the situation, am I right?! Be a wrench and make a difference. The ripple effect starts with you.