Whole30® Exceptions

With covering all of the do not program rules we do have a few exceptions to cover. I have noted them in the previous posts, but want to cover them more fully.

  • Dairy: Clarified Butter or Ghee
  • Sweetener or Sugar: Fruit Juice and Salt
  • Legumes: Green Beans, Sugar Snap Peas, Snow Peas
  • Vinegar: White, Balsamic, Apple Cider, Red Wine, and Rice Vinegar

Clarified Butter or Ghee
are the only sources of dairy allowed during your program. The milk proteins found in non-clarified butter can negatively impact your results from the 30 day program. You can either make your own clarified butter or purchase that or ghee. If you want to know more about all things butter read the Butter Manifesto at Whole9®.

Fruit Juice can be used as a sweetener in recipes that call for it or in dressings that contain it. Go for 100% fruit juice with no other ingredients on the label. 

Salt is allowed on the program even though iodized table salt contains sugar. I bet you didn’t know that little tid bit, did you?! Sugar (or dextrose) is used to keep the potassium iodide from oxidizing and being lost. 

Green beans, sugar snap peas, and snow peas are all legumes, however, they are more pod than legume and are full of green plant matter that is good for you. I love the crunch of each one of these.

Most vinegars are allowed on the Whole30® program. The ones that are not are malt vinegar (gluten) and any vinegar with added sugar. Look at that label. The vinegars that ARE allowed are white, balsamic, red wine, apple cider, and rice vinegar. 

For 30 whole days your focus is to eat real food. If you are unsure if something is allowed I would skip it to be safe, but feel free to investigate further! I love that this program isn’t about calories in and calories out or hitting certain macros. If you are eating balanced meals you with quality protein, healthy fats and carbs, and full of vegetables you shouldn’t need to snack. If you are hungry in between meals you may need to increase your water intake or add a little more protein to your plate. 

As you begin your program remove all thoughts of doubt and negativity. You want to set yourself up to succeed. Commit wholly to the program. Plan in advance. I look at my week starting every Monday so on Saturday and Sunday I am meal planning, grocery shopping, and food prepping. Once I have everything lined out I have no room to slip up or cheat. Once a cheat happens you have to start back over at Day 1. Honestly it’s easier to make it through the first time instead of the back and forth, yo-yo that happens when slip ups occur.

Dallas and Melissa Hartwig have worked HARD to create the Whole30® program and all of the rules that go along with it. You don’t have to understand the science behind why it works; all you need to know is it works. If you are like me and want to know how, read It Starts With Food

Taking ownership in your food choices is an empowering and life-changing experience. Knowing each delicious bite of food you eat is making you healthier is an incredible feeling. You might start by keeping everything very simple until you get a good grasp on the program. Once you are more comfortable start expanding your palette. Try some vegetables you have never heard of before. Connect with a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and get your produce from a local farm. Eat only what is in season. I know so many people who get bored with their food. We will explore this in one of the Coolgreens Community Dinners since it is something I hear often and is common. I am always puzzled when someone tells me that though! With all the spices, herbs, different kinds produce, and greens out there how can anyone be bored?! Horizons need to be expanded. I did this by joining a local CSA and cooking what they put in my weekly basket and grabbing something I had never cooked before at my weekly grocery store trip.

Oh, and if you have been wondering, yes you can have caffeine! Coffee and tea are completely allowed on the program. You might need to learn how to drink them black unless you grab a nutpods creamer. 

I hope the rule breakdowns are helping you get prepared. If you have any additional questions leave them in the comments!