Don'ts of Whole30®: Grains

Bread. Oatmeal. Quinoa. Corn. Remove them from your vocabulary and your pantry.

The next exclusion on the Whole30® program is grains. Before diving into the why here is a list of grains:
  • Wheat
  • Rye
  • Barley
  • Corn
  • Oats
  • Rice
  • Millett
  • Bulgar
  • Bran
  • Farro
  • Sprouted Grains, including Quinoa
  • Buckwheat
  • Amaranth
  • Sorghum
  • Germ
  • And so on…

Well, there goes breakfast! If you currently pour yourself a bowl of cereal in the morning or eat overnight oats for breakfast you now have to think outside the box. This is when potatoes become your best friend. 

Okay, so here is the deal. Grains are linked to being a cause of inflammation in the body, which is one of the benefits of doing the Whole30®. Inflammation is a nasty little thing. It creates a breeding zone for disease to occur, including cancer. This is why sugar, alcohol, and grains are removed. Does it mean you have to stay away from them forever? Not at all. As a whole, we consume way more than is necessary. Removing them and label checking will shed light on that. I can attest to not missing any grains. In my Food Freedom I will have pizza or a burger with a bun on occasion, but I have found they add no real value to my meal. I much prefer the taste of vegetables and high quality protein to a slice of bread any day. Throw avocado on anything and I am in food heaven.

Be patient with yourself on this. It requires you to really broaden your foods, which is a great thing! 

Next in line, legumes.