One of the things I remember and value the most from the yoga retreat in Lucca, Tuscany was a walking meditation we did on our first day. It was my first experience with mediation. Mandy Lathan gave us our instructions. This was a silent meditation. We were to follow the person in front of us. As we walked around the villa property we were to pay attention to what we saw. Flower. Tree. Grass. Rock. Building. Bird. The challenge was not in what we were seeing.Or even being silent. The challenge was not attaching our own stories to what we were seeing. Purple flower. Big tree. Tall grass. Smooth rock. Old building. Pretty bird!

We have a tendency to attach our own stories to things, people, situations, and places instead of seeing something for what it is. We start judging or creating stories based off our own perceptions of things and the stories engrained in our being.


Human Being.

If we could all take some time to practice this a little bit every single day maybe we will start to change the way our thoughts are produced. Perhaps we will see something in its simplest, sweetest, purest form. Not one junked up with all sorts of descriptions and undertones conjured up in our own minds. I am grateful to know people who open up my eyes, mind, and heart to ways of living that are different from how I am conditioned to live. 

Namaste, Love Bugs.

Staci and Mandy enjoying gelato during the retreat.

The Villa courtyard.