Having an Off Day (or Week)?

Do you ever have those days (or weeks) where you just feel off but can’t really put a finger on why? That is me this week. Everything is going well in my world, so it doesn’t really make sense to feel so off. I know I need to take a step back to see if I can identify any reasons why I might be feeling this way. Our subconscious is such a strong part of our being that I simply can not look on the surface. I need to look deeper and address the root. 

Here are some of the things I have been tapping into:

  • My sleep. My sleep patterns this week have been terrible. I am going to bed later than I like, have been staying plugged into the phone while in bed, keeping my brain active instead of helping it wind down, then once I do fall asleep I am waking up in a couple of hours. Yep, I have a tired and overworked brain.
  • My nutrition. Although I have been eating well all week, getting plenty of healthy fats, complex carbs, lots of greens, and good, lean protein I have not been in the kitchen preparing my own meals. I was feeling like it was a huge chore this week, but my fridge has been cram packed with food that has been needing to be prepared! So, I am now in my kitchen, cleaning produce and dicing so I can actually use it as fuel.
  • Clutter. I am currently surrounded by clutter. Between the clutter that was my fridge and the clutter that is the current state of my living and dining room my head might actually explode. The clutter is actually numerous projects happening right now, but when I look at it my brain spins. It feels overwhelming. It appears as I am not making any progress on any of my projects, which I actually am making progress. Looks can be deceiving! I really dislike clutter. A LOT. Physical clutter creates mental clutter for me. Does it do that to you? 

As I read back through those three things, sleep, nutrition, and clutter, I can see how each one connects. I am going to say clutter is the root. The clutter has crept into my nutrition as I have been overwhelmed by seeing all the work I need to do, including meal prep, that it has kept me from actually getting in my kitchen. This has led into bad sleep patterns for this week as my brain is bogged down and overloaded, which is creating a truly vicious cycle. 

Alright, so now what?! Well, for starters, I am in my kitchen. Sweet potatoes are roasting and more root veggies are about to hit the oven. Two, I have soothing music playing and am sipping on a nice little glass of Cabernet. Hey, it’s officially my weekend! I mention both of these things because they help set my mood and create a calmness to tackle what I need to do. Next up will be the disaster that is my living space/current office. I will get my papers organized into their proper 3-ring binders and dispose of things I do not need. Once I can clear some of my physical space my mental space will also clear and quiet. That will translate into SLEEP! A nice, restful sleep tonight. It tastes so sweet. And is very much needed for this weekend’s list of happenings. 

I want to know how you deal with your feeling “off” when it happens. Are you passive when it happens and try to ride it out? Or do you like to dive in head first and get ahead of it, or at least attempt to understand why you are feeling that way? Let me know what works best for you!

Have a wonderful weekend, Love Bugs!